28 September 2010

Vintage Princess

favorite dress

This was a quickie snapshot I took right before church.  We wanted to capture the dress that she demands to wear each and every Sunday.  I wonder what the nursery leaders think??

My two year old struck the pose all by herself, which begged for some vintage treatment in the post processing.  Too fun!

27 September 2010

Baby "L" part Deux

This picture of Baby LB was just begging for a princess touch.  So I found a nice damask brush and used that on the background.  Then I went crazy with a black and white punch and a white frame.  Ooh La La!

21 September 2010

I Heart Faces: Smirk

For this week's photo challenge at I Heart Faces, the theme is smirk.  Well, this is the darn cutest smirk I've ever seen..

18 September 2010

Baby B








Oh Baby H.  Your Mama lived in Africa, your Daddy lived in Germany.  And here you are, a big ole bundle of cuddles and kisses, right in my own back yard.

Hyrum 1

Marble Boys

These boys are some of the sweetest ever.  As my children grow older, I appreciate more and more, friends who listen, who are respectful, and who have positive attitudes.  I love, love, love these boys.

Alden 9a

Dallin 10 cropped a


One of my favorite models.  She defies to look at the camera directly, so it takes extra skill to get a great shot of her eyes and smile.  When you work harder for it, the success is sweeter!

beka 1

beka 3

Mr. Blue Eyes

Just chillin’ in a tree at the park.

Jonah park print

Mr. Green Eyes

Green eyes, freckles, you are your mother’s child.  Oh yeah, and the smarts.

Marcus park print

The Future’s So Bright…

I gotta wear Shades!

beka vroom 2 newspaper  web


rylee 234 print



13 September 2010

Vroom Vroom!

It was hard to pick just one but here is my submission for I Heart Faces' weekly competition.  This cutie is near and dear to my heart, but even to the average Joe, she's just stinkin' adorable. 

12 September 2010

Trying out Windows Live

16 try again black and white

I am trying out Windows Live to see if I can get a better display of my pictures on my photo blog.   So far I like it a lot.  Really easy to manipulate the size and effects on pictures.  Easy to drop in tables, maps, movies… so far I’m a fan.


karalynn chair 038

09 September 2010


Finally a good picture of my new baby girl. And my first use of textures. whoohoo! I'm a proud mama!

03 September 2010

Fix It Friday

Here's the latest from the good people at I Heart Faces. Here's the Before for this Fix It Friday.

And here's my version. I did a levels adjustment, then Curves. But then I ran a black and white action because I liked it better. Then I cropped the heck out of it. :) Next time I'll take it through ACR to do the black and white. this was a stream of consciousness edit, not the best kind. :)