30 May 2014

Stunning. Incredible. Wowza.

A friend of a friend sends a text.  Senior pictures for a girl from Chandler, AZ needed stat.

Date set.  Location set.  Styling set.  Still never met each other.

Walk up to them on location and introduce myself.  Jaw drops.  Oh, this is gonna be fun.

Grace, you are stunning.  You can be in front of my lens any day of the week.  You made my whole month of May.  Enjoy.

27 May 2014

The perfect trade. Family pictures in Gilbert AZ

Nicol is an amazing massage therapist here in Gilbert.  When she asked if I'd be willing to trade massages for family pictures, I couldn't say yes fast enough.  Then I meet her beautiful children, and I'm like "Yes Please!".

This family has their own unique energy, as we all do.  And it was so fun to try to capture it in camera.  Those two oldest boys will be off to college next year and Mom's whole world will change.  So glad we documented a little chapter in their family story.