08 November 2014

Cotton fields? Check.

You gotta be open to new things, right?  So when a long time client says, "I want to do cotton fields this year."  And even though you've heard, gulp, snakes exist in said fields, you push down the anxiety and you say, YES.  Especially when she called the farmer herself and got permission.  Let's do this!

No snakes that day (that was the next weekend on the horse property.  seriously.).  Just the most amazing sky and bright, white cotton, and two gorgeous boys.  And can we talk about Mom's hair?!  I mean, seriously.

I am one of those rare Arizona natives (of my generation), I grew up on the west side of town, surrounded by cotton fields.  I remember field trips just about every year, learning all about how it grew, how it became our clothes, when the cotton gin was invented, and all the good stuff.  It was pretty surreal to be in the middle of it again.  This time as a mom, helping another mom, make some memories with her own sweet kids.  Life get so crazy sometimes, it's nice to appreciate the full circle it makes.