27 August 2010

Fix it Friday #68

Time for some edits for Fix It Friday for I Heart Faces. Here is the Before...

Here is my first After. I adjusted the white balance in Camera Raw. In PS I adjusted levels, exposure, color balance. Then cropped. I used MCP Touch of Light/ Touch of Dark to lighten her skin and eyes, and darken her hair accessory, her dress, and the foliage. Then ran PW's Boost to make sure I didn't deaden anything too much. Brought down the opacity a titch.
The quality isn't great on this, too much noise, but I did this one solely in Camera Raw. I like CR's vignette more than PW's quick edge burn because I can adjust the inner brightness easier. Also, in CR I can adjust the colors in B and W which allows the colors in the dress to deepend. I also adjusted the clarity to smooth the skin out.

06 August 2010

for fun

Since I just figure out how to use the Touch of Light/Touch of Dark, this one was just fun.

Tanya's pics

This is an amazing impromptu point-and-shoot picture of Tanya's family. This is the Before:

This is After a little fun with ACR and CS5:

And because I love Black and White beach shots:

Here's the girls' Before:

And After:

Now to figure out how big we can blow these pictures up....

Fix it Friday 65

Here is this week's editing fun at I Heart Faces. Here is the Before. I can see the challenge I just don't know how to fix it.

Here's my after. I deepened and sharpened the colors. Removed the tiny blemish on the end of his nose, tried to lighten the under eye bags, make the bonk on his forehead not quite so noticeable. Not because I thought it needed it, just to see if I could. But how to fix the blown highlights? no idea.

03 August 2010

Fix it Friday #64

Here is the picture from I Heart Faces, available for everyone to download and "fix" to their hearts delight. Here's the BEFORE:

And here's my After. I really wanted to deepen her eyes and try to keep (maybe even highlight) her freckles. I don't like how her skin tone turned out, maybe a bit yellow. I think it was the white balance in the very beginning. Lesson learned: it's worth it to scrap it and go back to the beginning to fix the white balance because I just don't like it at the end.