25 February 2011

At the Park

I love that I have a park right outside my front door. The babe can be napping and the sun going down, and we can jet outside for a quick little shoot. Still working on the sun flare skill but I love what came from the attempts.

park 016

park 020

park 032

park 041

24 February 2011


I posted these months ago but they uploaded poorly so I'm trying again. This was a great session with stunning light and a fabulous model family. Loved it.

emma and jenn 054

emma and jenn 058

emma and jenn 069

emma and jenn 128

emma and jenn 390 sepia

10 February 2011

And I'm Back.

After six weeks, with my right arm in a cast I am finally, finally back.  And these were my first pics.  AAA I love them!  But I truly can't decide which to blow up, the color or the black and white?? 

pinewood derby and karalynn vday 007

pinewood derby and karalynn vday 007 bw