24 March 2012

Corona Del Sol Senior '12

This shoot was super fun.  Ms. B was willing to go along with every suggestion and just relax and have fun.  With her mom and friend along for the ride, we got some great smiles, and of course, the eyes....who can forget the eyes?  Stunning.



19 March 2012


She just moved here, with her little family.  New to Arizona, new house, new neighborhood, new baby any day.  Add a wild and crazy toddler to the mix, just for fun.  She knew about lifestyle photography from her home back in California.  She loved it and called it photojournalism.  We decided to try a lifestyle shoot, just hanging out with the family in the new house and taking a walk in the new neighborhood. 

She said it easy and fun.  No clothing to coordinate, no location to scout.  Of course a few posed pictures because everyone needs a stunner.  But mostly just a whole lot of fun. 

Oh, and she looks like Paltrow.  Yeah, it's a hard life.  :)




15 March 2012

There was music everywhere...

This senior was such a blast to photograph.  He definitely had his own style and he had so many props to work with, it was easy and fun.  He was willing to get up at sunrise for the most wonderful light, he wasn't afraid to try anything and have some fun, and yes, he actually plays all of those instruments! 

Thanks Josh!  You were an awesome model!



01 March 2012

Love in the woods...

Words don't work when it comes to this shoot. So I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

Brittany and Todd 010

Brittany and Todd 073

Brittany and Todd 115

Brittany and Todd 126

Brittany and Todd 183

Brittany and Todd 155

Brittany and Todd 233

Brittany and Todd 367

Yeah.  Pretty much, no words.  You?

Brittany and Todd 403