27 July 2011

Kaysen B - Gilbert HS Senior '12

Introducing my second Senior Model Rep, Kaysen B.  I've known him for a few years now but didn't realize he had great taste in ties, vintage taste in music, and crazy blue eyes.  He's right around six feet tall which meant I felt like I was the kid, not him. 

kaysen 3

kaysen 4

When we started his "Life at Home" pictures, his mother had one request.  "I want a picture of him taking out the garbage."  Weird, I thought but whatever.  Now that pic is one of my favorites.  It's a real slice of life and it was sooo sweet of him to do it for his Mom. 

I also was lucky and snapped a quick shot of his beautiful sister laughing.  Again, one of my favorites.  Sometimes magic happens, my friends. 

kaysen 2

23 July 2011

Senior Model Rep - Lexi F. - Campo Verde HS Senior '12

Introducing my very first Senior Model Rep for the Gilbert high schools: Campo Verde, Gilbert, Mesquite and Highland.  Lexi has a chance to win a $500 cash scholarship at the end of the year if she's referred the most clients.  And even if she doesn't win, she'll get a $25 gift card for each referral up to $200.  Sweet.  More info here

 I've known Lexi since she was 12.  We all knew she would grow up to be amazing.  And she is, pretty incredible.  The kind of kid that you think, "Wow, if she were my age, we would totally hang out."  She's smart as a whip, way more self-confident that I am, and totally chill.

What I didn't know was how photogenic she is!  She's got these incredible eyes that are blue and green and brown all at once.  And just a lovely smile.

But best of all, she's fearless.  Even when the rock she's sitting on is crawling with ants, she calmly waits for the click of the camera before beating them mercilessly with her cute shoe.  Yeah, she's that kind of girl.

Lexi bench

Lexi horizontal 2

Lexi 2

On all of my senior shoots this year, I am starting with some Time at Home, catching some on-the-fly photos of my seniors with their families. Lexi's turned out especially awesome.

lexi family

Lexi was brave, being my very first senior.  But her courage earned her this awesome photo shoot.  Thanks Lexi!! You're the bomb.

21 July 2011

"Pay It Forward" pays out!

pay it forward segment 083

Many moons ago, my good friend Merri nominated me for the CBS News "Pay It Forward" series, in which the nominator gets to surprise their friend with cash money to help with their service project. 

As many of you know, I try to do two complimentary sessions a month, for people who serve our community.  I have done photo shoots for public school teachers, foster families, police officers.  It is a guiding force in my business, indeed I take paying clients so that I can fund the equipment, software and other costs so that I can do my service shoots. 

Tuesday afternoon, there was a knock on the door and there stood Merri (who is on bedrest by the way!  hopefully her doctor doesn't watch the news) plus a reporter, a cameraman, and $500.  It. Was. Insane.

They set up a billion lights in my living room, hooked me up to mic, and started shooting away and asking weird questions too.  Like, what's your favorite photo? (seriously? that's like asking which one is my favorite child)  (the shortest labor) (not telling)

They also interviewed Merri and one of my service clients.  And she was standing right there, not that I could see her with the lights in my eyes, when they asked why I wanted to provide that service for her and I started talking about how she's a teacher and why they're so important and it was her first baby and I knew she'd had a late miscarriage before and how special it is to capture those first few weeks and I start choking up and get teary eyes, and then freak because I don't want snot on top of the gallons of sweat I've started leaking, and I completely forget the question!!!  Are you serious?!!

Yeah, so then they film me editing some photos and let me tell you how incredibly clean my computer area was, NOT.  Then they want some footage of me shooting, of course two of my kids volunteer because it means going to the park next door.  But I'm like, hello? full sun?  no.  But they insist that no one will see the pics, they just want the footage.

Once my camera is in hand, my blood pressure goes down and I start breathing normally again and even though there's a news camera in my face and I completely forget to suck it in, I finally start enjoying myself. 
pay it forward segment 063
It was a blast!!  Thank you so much Merri!  What an incredible gift you've given me and the kids.  So, so fun. 

12 July 2011

My First Senior

With all of the talk about my Senior Model Rep scholarship opportunity, I am so happy to show off pictures of my first senior shoot....

GGN collage

HaHa. Of course Great Grandma Norton IS a senior and I was very lucky to take her photograph, but she's not my typical senior.

Marilyn Norton is turning 80 this month.  She has children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren spread throughout the country.  She wanted a few pictures to show them she was alive and kicking, so I was more than happy to provide the service.

She is truly a beautiful woman, with a kind heart and a generous soul.  We love our Great-Grandma.

07 July 2011

Senior Model Reps Scholarship Contest!!

senior 2Hey all! Just want to announce my new scholarship for Senior Model Reps.

Reps will receive their entire senior session for free, a $200 value, with the disk of at least 20 images in full print resolution, able to print however and wherever you like.

Reps will also receive their own "senior cards" with their image to hand out.

At the end of the school year, the rep with the most referrals will earn a $500 college scholarship.

2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a Target gift card, $25 per referral up to $200 to help with school supplies, dorm decoration and that important freshman year wardrobe.

If interested, send me an email with a picture and a quick explanation about why you would be a great Model Rep for Thurston Photographs. ejtcat(at)hotmail.com

Can't wait to hear from you!!

Here's the fine print:
**Once selected, senior reps need to have their photo session complete ASAP, preferably during the month of July.
**At least one Model Rep will be accepted per high school. One female and one male, maximum.
**First place winner needs to refer at least 3 clients in order to receive the full $500 scholarship. If winner refers less than 3 clients, they will receive the Target gift card, $25 per referral same as the 2nd and 3rd place winners.
**Contest begins as soon as rep is accepted and announced. Contest ends May 31, 2012. Check and gift cards will be given by June 30, 2012. Share10