31 May 2011

Secret Smooching

I posted these family's pics earlier, but I just couldn't leave these photos out. We were walking around, taking the usual shots, and I saw a restaurant setting up this table. I immediately made a beeline and Dad knew exactly what I was going for. It was a blast to shoot these, and even more fun to publish. Easily the most unique couple photos I have taken yet.

And yeah, he's that cool. And she's that hot.

_MG_1049 copy




_MG_1060 copy

27 May 2011

Rockin' for Dad

These cute kiddos have an awesome Dad. He's an accountant by day and a serious rocker by night, or weekend, or whenever he has a gig. Mom brought all kinds of cool props to play with and luckily she loves the black and white effect, which really brought out the rock'n'roll soul of the shoot.

wilks 016 bw

wilks 021 bw

wilks 074 bw

wilks 076 bw

wilks 123

26 May 2011

Father's Day Fun

As my inaugaural mini-session, I was pretty worried how I could squeeze Father's Day cuteness into 30 minutes with a 3 year old and a 5 year old. Luckily they were pros. What Daddy wouldn't love this?

ryan and rylee and paige 005

ryan and rylee 318

ryan and rylee 258


She Beat Me

It's true. She beat me again. I spent a whole hour with her and I barely captured the cuteness. Time with her is like a graduate degree in quick thinking. I learn so much in how I would do things differently the next time.

The pics I did get were some of my best with her. Someday, sweetie, someday I will capture your beauty and sassiness and I will show it to the world.

ryan and rylee and paige 080

ryan and rylee and paige 157 bw

ryan and rylee and paige 067

paige and zev 008

24 May 2011

And the winner is...

Tahnee Harris, you got it girl!! Yea! I know you'll have a loooong drive but it'll be worth it!! Can't wait to love on the babe.

Thank you to everyone who entered. The sense of guilt realizing that only one could win prompted the executive decision that I'll hold a similar contest once a month.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me get started on Facebook. It means a lot to me.

Dreaming Big

I spent my freshman year of high school at this secluded private school in the middle of nowhere. By the second semester I was deemed intelligent enough to be let in on a secret. If I followed a path past the soccer fields and into the woods, there was a Thoreau Hut. Built in the 60s by the students, it was a small handbuilt room, a place to come and be quiet and learn about yourself again. We all went, alone and quiet, to rediscover who we were in those crazy times of tumult.

As an adult, I've been back once or twice, and I've been startled to find that I needed the space again, to get to know myself and who I had become and wanted to become in this new season of life.

Last weekend, I found a new kind of Thoreau Hut. I gathered with strangers in a brand new place, to share our passion for photography. We heard each other and we were contemplative, trying to figure out who we were in this new passion and how we wanted to be perceived by the world.

We were timid in our talent and found that others appreciated our art, both in its similiarities and its differences. My path became a little clearer just as my passion deepened.

I was inspired in ways that shocked me. Photographers talk about things and as my experience grows, I start to understand what they're talking about. This weekend I found a young girl, too young for the depth in her eyes, that pushed me to get out of my cutesy box of photography and into realness and depth.

What a truly amazing experience. Thank you, I Heart Faces. I found my new Thoreau.

san antonio 256

san antonio 262

san antonio 273

san antonio and mick 019

san antonio and mick 055

We were able to do a shoot with a professional model, which was hugely eye-opening, working with an adult who really wanted to get the best picture possible.

san antonio 014

san antonio 016

san antonio 025

san antonio 060

Then we got to do a stylized shoot, based on the new "Little Red Riding Hood" that's coming out. That was really interesting, being inspired by the costume and props.

san antonio 093

san antonio 082

san antonio 108

san antonio 157

san antonio 075

san antonio 173

san antonio 193

Finally we did a photowalk at the San Antonio Riverwalk. I got this fun shot and then spent the rest of time snapping shots of all my newfound friends. Unforgettable!

san antonio and mick 027


san antonio and mick 073

san antonio and mick 066

san antonio and mick 043

san antonio and mick 022

san antonio and mick 008

23 May 2011

Drumroll Please!

So as an outcome of the clarification I received at the I Heart Faces, Dream Big workshop, I decided to create a business Facebook page for my photography. That way people who want to hear about my life and kids, don't also have to listen to my photography ramblings if they aren't so inclined.

So I'm having a giveaway to help encourage the "Likes". (so feels like jr high again!!)

Pretty simple, go to Facebook and "Like" Thurston Photographs

Once you've done that, leave a comment here as proof. On Tuesday, May 24, yeah tomorrow, at 9 pm, I'll randomly select a commenter for $75 towards a custom photography session. (no cash value)

So that's one whole free session for a one kid, or half price for a whole family. Has to be used by the end of June 30th, 2011.

Prize can be gifted to anyone local, as long as they use it by the end of June. Wonderful present for a new mom, end of year gift for a teacher, or for a visiting teachee you haven't seen in a few months (not that I would ever do that :)

So get your "like" on people. It's that time.

17 May 2011

A Study of Yellow

Yellow rocks my world. It makes me smile. It makes me warm. And on cute little Brookers, it lights up a whole room.

This was the easiest shoot, picked her on a Saturday morning, drove 1 mile away. Shot for a half hour while she played, and brought her back home. Just perfect enough to get a few great photos for the wall and scrapbook, for this quickly growing, little cutie pie.

brooke blake 029

brooke blake 045

brooke blake 094

14 May 2011

Just Sweet

This family wanted these pictures bad. From Mom who shopped till she dropped to find all the right clothes and accessories. To Dad, who really didn't feel well but toughed it out anyway because he knew how much it meant to his wife. But the kicker was the 4 year old, who was an expert on modeling by the way and knew just how to strike a pose like "America's Next Top Model". I have never seen a "pout with hand on hip" come out so quickly. Girl's got some skillz.

Walker Family 043

Walker Family 082

Walker Family 218

Walker Family 246 try 2

Walker Family 282 bw

Walker Family 299

Walker Family 321 copy