26 October 2010

Sepia vs. Black and White

It's hard to know the difference between sepia and black & white until you see them side by side and then it's really clear.  The Black and White has a really crisp, clean, modern feelings.  Sepia is warmer, and more vintage, even though you think "black and white photograph" when you think old school.  If you're going for that more old fashioned look, you probably want Sepia. 

25 October 2010

The Eyes!!


Last Friday, I met Baby Paige.  First I saw the eyes, knock you right out of your seat-eyes.  Then I saw the cheeks.  But best of all, once in awhile I saw the smile.  Now THAT will take your breath away.  This is a sneak peek for Mom. 

paige 037


paige 063


paige 084


paige 136

18 October 2010

At the lake

My son and I snuck out for some time alone.  He needed to get outside and I needed to try out a new lens.  I was trying to push the limits of how sharp I could get my subject vs. how blurry could I make my background.  Kind of a bummer as it was sunset at the Riparian Preserve so the background was just gorgeous.  I did get some fantastic shots of purple cactus.  Gotta love that!

Blessing and Fall Break 227

Blessing and Fall Break 251 copy

Blessing and Fall Break 208 


Blessing and Fall Break 223



 Blessing and Fall Break 236