08 June 2015

And away they go!

I have always learned well from others.  As a kid, I'd quickly figure out who the smartest student in the class was, and then just tried to do what they did.  I have my elementary school honor roll status because of a certain Lydia Choy.

As an adult and a parent, I have found those people that are a few steps ahead of me, kids a few years older, Mom has been around the block more than I have, and I tried to learn, to emulate.  I'm not one to reinvent the wheel.

Soon after moving into this neighborhood, I found this Mama.  Her biggers were rock solid.  Not just good kids, but really good kids.  They were passionate about their hobbies, their friends, their spirituality.

So I tried to watch, to figure out what tricks this Mama had up her sleeve that I could try them out in my own home.

But I think this photo shoot reveals her secret far and wide.  She just loves them.  She glories in who they are, she supports their passions, she believes in them long and hard, and then she opens the door so they can try it out on their own.

Her two biggers are flying the coop this month, traveling far far away.  The weekend we made these photographs, was the last weekend they would all be together  for 2+ years.

And you can tell, Mama has the utmost confidence that they are going to be just fine.  And they will.

And now that I know her secret, mine will too.