29 August 2013

Best Family Photography Location {Gilbert AZ}

I love the busy fall photo season.  It's a huge kick in the pants but it reminds me of "doing reps" (re: the Jon Acuff book, Start.  Ah-mazing!)  You learn so much by doing shoot after shoot in such a small period of time.  Your photography muscles really start to buff out by December.  :)

The only thing I hate, and I mean hate, is that the locations are over-run by other photographers and families just trying to do the same thing you are.  "Who cares?" you say.  Well, Dad cares.

It is so stinkin' hard to get Dad on board with those photos, and you know it!  He hates the expense, he hates the clothing, he hates how much Mom screams at him while she's trying to make all the kids and herself look cute so it can be documented for the next year.  He hates me pointing the camera at him.  And most especially, he hates that other people are wandering around, watching him feel so uncomfortable. 

Now, if I can get a nice, private location, I can have Dad won over within 15 minutes of him getting out of the care.  The majority of my Dads will say at the end, and I quote, "That was almost fun!" or "That wasn't total torture!".  But even I can't make a Dad comfortable if there are 20 other families and photographers wandering around, staring at him. 

Last year I had a family that truly needed a peaceful location.  And thank goodness we found it.  It's private and quiet and just lovely.  Within 10 minutes of walking away from your car, you feel like you're removed from life, the screaming of the last hour is gone and in it's place, children are running and giggling through wildflowers.  I know it sounds hokey, but it's true!!

Now because it's private, it comes with a very small fee and it has to be reserved.  Like now.  Just sayin', people.  Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do some reps.  With my Sonic cup.  hahahaha!

28 August 2013

Free Lifestyle Photo Shoot!! (Gilbert AZ Photography)

Hi everyone!  So I am mentoring with two amazing photographers right now.  This week's assignment is the last and it's pretty dang specific.  A portfolio of the type of photography you absolutely love.  For me, that's documenting families in their own home, enjoying each other and their comfortable space. 

Given the very specific timeframe I have to work with, I have decided to offer this photoshoot for FREE to one lucky family.  It's normally $250, includes 25-35 fully edited photos, on a disk with printing rights. 

So if you or someone you know is interested and available this Saturday morning, at 9 am, EMAIL ME!  ejtcat@hotmail.com  I need info like ages of family members and where you live.

Thank you so so so much!!

20 August 2013

D* Family Rocks It Out!

So when a friend/client starts the conversation with, "I saw this thing on Pinterest." it makes every photographer's blood run cold.  Because you have no idea if it's even possible, let alone if you can live up to it.

But this chick is different.  She's so real and so genuine and so fun, that pretty much I was willing to try whatever the heck she wanted.  And it turns out her idea was really stinkin' cute.

She wanted a filmstrip display for her living room, which is gimongous and with really tall ceilings.  And this is what we came up with:



And this is how it looks in her living room.  Mission accomplished and it was a stinkin' blast!!  Love that girl and her crazy ideas!

14 August 2013

I hope....

About a year ago I wanted to put together a vintage photo shoot.  A little Jackie O and man friend.  I had my Jackie O, this stunning friend of ours.  But the man I had in mind went and got married and the idea sifted out of my brain.

At the beginning of this summer I heard that said stunning friend was leaving her life behind to serve her church for 18 months.  I knew I had to squeeze in a photo shoot before she left but it was so hot!!

Then I got hurt.  And priorities changed.  I could only afford to photograph, edit, and present that which I truly loved.  Even writing this post, I've had to stop twice to rest my eyes.  And a vintage, leaving-on-a-mission photo shoot was on the tip top of my list.

So we took two simple and meaningful props, went to the closest, private location with great light and whipped it out.  Two hours before the shoot yesterday, my doc called and wanted me to come in ASAP the next day for some serious tests.  I knew I had to shoot and completely finish editing because within 24 hours I might be down for awhile. 

The doc appointment is in two hours but the time has passed peacefully because I knew I was doing what I loved.  I've never had such an easy time editing and post-processing.  I know Heavenly Father was blessing me with peace and joy during a time of stress and anxiety. 

Kimee is going to go on to bless way more people and I couldn't be more proud of her grace and beauty.  She shines!!





12 August 2013

Shear Torture

Trying to keep from getting rusty.  And shooting what I love.

He thinks that hair cuts are the worst form of Sunday torture.  There is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  That morning there also happened to be beautiful light so it begged to be captured.

Can I say, there's also something awesome about a Dad cutting his boys' hair?  It strikes me every time they share this moment, Dad in his Sunday clothes, getting a little one on one time with his boys.  Teaching them how to look respectful and how to care about their kids.  Gets me every time. 


07 August 2013


Today is New.  Today was the first time in four weeks that I got behind the wheel of my minivan with a child in the back.  Today I picked up my camera without shaking.  Today I smiled when I looked in the mirror, and saw my eyes.  Today is New.

Four weeks ago today I was distracted, instead of present.  I was "playing" with my daughter, which meant I was mindlessly holding one end of a exercise band so she could play with the other end.  Four weeks ago she walked 10 feet away and let go.  My right eye took the hit. 

Two eyes are quite useful in photography.  Not just in the actually seeing part, one eye can do that pretty well.  Its the depth, its the focus, its the small details that make a photograph memorable.  And those small details are darn near impossible without two stinking eyes!!

But life isn't fair and today is New.  And today my BFF and fellow photographer reminded me that looking past the unfairness, there are the blessings otherwise unfound.  What can you do with your art if you are forced to shoot only what will bring you joy, because you literally can't afford to use your eye for more than that?  How good will your in-camera technique become if your editing is whittled down to an hour a day?  How focused will your intent become when it is all you have, the excess crap thrown away?

Today is New.  And I shoot what I love.  I have no other choice.  But I do choose this.