28 December 2011

This family knows how to play!  And even though Mama was sick and baby had an ear infection, we were able to power through and get some wonderful shots!  Nicole (mama) is an awesome interior designer so I knew right from the beginning we would have some awesome styling and she definetely measured up to expections.  Thanks Binch Family!


Baby Blessings

Such a fun family.  We had a great time shooting at the local park.  Their new baby sister is an amazing miracle so we were very blessed to be able to grab these wonderful shots.  Thanks Beckler Family!  Loved it!

03 November 2011

Sunset in the Desert.

I was so excited to work with this Family from the first email I received. They have a favorite hiking area that they enjoy together as a family. Lucky for me, it looks uber cool in pictures! My assistant (and BFF) said it best after the shoot. "Not only did they capture their daughter at this really great age, they captured this place with all of their family memories." Now that's an awesome family photo. Danek Family 024 Danek Family 034 Danek Family 032 Danek Family 028 Danek Family 022 Danek Family 020 Danek Family 009 Danek Family 005 Danek Family 003 Danek Family 000

01 November 2011

Love this family.  They've been our friends through the highs and lows of our parenthood and careers.  What's ridiculous is they are as nice as they are goodlooking.  Should be illegal.  Really.  What chance do the rest of us stand?  :)

Hagerman Family 002 Hagerman Family 003 Hagerman Family 005 Hagerman Family 007 Hagerman Family 014 Hagerman Family 017 Hagerman Family 025 Hagerman Family 027 Hagerman Family 037

15 October 2011

Sunrise in Scottsdale

This is just a little sneak peak for cute Mr. D's Mommy. This was such a great photo shoot! One of my favorite locations, especially at sunrise. This family rocked it and this little boy, he made me work for it, but it was so, so worth it. Molina 2 Molina Molina-3 Big thanks to Seth and Mandi for referring this awesome family. We had a ton of fun!

22 September 2011

Ryan Turns 5

Big Ry-Guy turned 5. And we had a ridonkulous amount of fun for a photo shoot. There was the tie, the hat, the sunglasses, the twinkle, the scowl. Put it all together and you've got one of the coolest 5 year olds I know. Happy Birthday Ryan!! Ryan R 2

20 September 2011

IHF: A Touch of Light

The I Heart Faces challenge this week is "A Touch of Light".  I don't enter many of these challenges but this photo was begging to be entered.  And approriately enough, it was taken during last May's Dream Big workshop in San Antonio.  It was one of my best of that fabulous weekend and always reminds me of the confidence and skill I gained in such a short period of time.  Not to mention some really inspiring friends.

IHF Challenge:  A Touch of Light

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09 September 2011

Mike M. '12 Combs HS Senior Model Rep


Sunrise in Queen Creek Arizona.  Two 1940's Fords.  One boy, on his way to be a man.  It was an awesome photo shoot.  I am so grateful I got to be a part of it. 

mike 3

mike 2

mike 1

Mike7 (1)

29 August 2011

A sneak peek for Bear

Nine years ago, I had my first baby.  A mere seven weeks later, I had to return to work full time and the Hubs started his first year of grad school.  Luckily, one of his beautiful sisters was a student on campus as well and she became my baby's third parent.  She loved him, rocked him, fed him, and read to him from her textbooks (taking full credit today on why he's so smart). 

That first semester we had to pay her with dinner.  The second semester we were able to pay her enough so she could quit her other job.  By the end of that school year, I knew I couldn't do it again and we took out enough in student loans so I could stay home with my baby.  But I will never forget the person who was willing to be Mommy when I couldn't be. 

Today, she's the Mommy of her own two sweet boys.  And I'll take some credit this time for her amazing ability to love and educate and be incredible, right from the word Go.  And I am so honored to be able to capture these sweet moments for her.  Love you Bear.  Hope you like the pictures.

Camden 1

Camden 2

Camden 3

27 August 2011


I wanted to try something new with my next Senior Model Rep, Jaime C.  I printed off some senior pictures of guys that looked super cool from some of my photog friends around the country.  We started throwing around words like, "just chill" and "swag".  I wasn't so sure about 'swag' but Jaime knew exactly what is was and gave me just what the camera needed for some super cool looks.  I got home, searched "Swag" on iTunes and confirmed my worst fear.  I'm old.  :)

But I'm cool with that as long as I have models like Jaime keeping me young.  Young like his Mom, who looks like his sister.  I'll be old if I can be old like that!

As one of my senior model reps, Jaime has the chance to earn a $25 gift card for each referral, and a $500 scholarship at the end of the school year for the most referrals.  Good luck Jaime!  Your photo shoot was crazy cool.  Or Da Bomb.  Or swag diggity.  Yeah, I'm cool.  :)

1 verticle

2 blog

1 horizontal

2 horizontal


16 August 2011

Family Rerun

It's almost time for family holiday photo shoots, so I wanted to post one of my favorite of the past year.  This shoot was a blast.  Holly made me work for it, but the looks she gave me were GOLD!


09 August 2011

Senior Model Rep - Jesse S. - Mesquite HS Senior '12

Jesse rocked this senior photo shoot.  He styled himself completely, down to the super awesome sunglasses.  He was an absolute natural at posing for the camera.  Don't be surprised if you see this kid in front of the camera someday.  And he'd be cool like dat.

jesse 2


02 August 2011

Heaven Sent Him

I truly love taking photos for foster families.  This is Baby Boy.  You don't get to know his name, or even see his face.  His foster mom got a call when he was one day old, asking if he could come to her home.  And even though she already has a two year old she adopted, and a one year old foster child, she and her husband instantly said yes to sweet Baby Boy. 

I was just about to write about how special foster families are, because they love with the brightest hope that this baby is theirs for eternity, yet they know they might only have today.

Recent events have taught me that all of us, as parents, are in the same boat.  We love our babies with the hope and faith that we will have an eternity of tomorrows.  But isn't it true that we might only have today. 

And here is proof, that today sweet Baby Boy is eternally loved. 

Griffin baby 099 sepia

Griffin baby 109 sepia

27 July 2011

Kaysen B - Gilbert HS Senior '12

Introducing my second Senior Model Rep, Kaysen B.  I've known him for a few years now but didn't realize he had great taste in ties, vintage taste in music, and crazy blue eyes.  He's right around six feet tall which meant I felt like I was the kid, not him. 

kaysen 3

kaysen 4

When we started his "Life at Home" pictures, his mother had one request.  "I want a picture of him taking out the garbage."  Weird, I thought but whatever.  Now that pic is one of my favorites.  It's a real slice of life and it was sooo sweet of him to do it for his Mom. 

I also was lucky and snapped a quick shot of his beautiful sister laughing.  Again, one of my favorites.  Sometimes magic happens, my friends. 

kaysen 2

23 July 2011

Senior Model Rep - Lexi F. - Campo Verde HS Senior '12

Introducing my very first Senior Model Rep for the Gilbert high schools: Campo Verde, Gilbert, Mesquite and Highland.  Lexi has a chance to win a $500 cash scholarship at the end of the year if she's referred the most clients.  And even if she doesn't win, she'll get a $25 gift card for each referral up to $200.  Sweet.  More info here

 I've known Lexi since she was 12.  We all knew she would grow up to be amazing.  And she is, pretty incredible.  The kind of kid that you think, "Wow, if she were my age, we would totally hang out."  She's smart as a whip, way more self-confident that I am, and totally chill.

What I didn't know was how photogenic she is!  She's got these incredible eyes that are blue and green and brown all at once.  And just a lovely smile.

But best of all, she's fearless.  Even when the rock she's sitting on is crawling with ants, she calmly waits for the click of the camera before beating them mercilessly with her cute shoe.  Yeah, she's that kind of girl.

Lexi bench

Lexi horizontal 2

Lexi 2

On all of my senior shoots this year, I am starting with some Time at Home, catching some on-the-fly photos of my seniors with their families. Lexi's turned out especially awesome.

lexi family

Lexi was brave, being my very first senior.  But her courage earned her this awesome photo shoot.  Thanks Lexi!! You're the bomb.