28 August 2015

Fall Schedule 2015

The time has come.  We can start to hope and dream that maybe sometime in the near future, we can open our front doors without sweating.

And with that hope, comes plans for the Fall.  And some people, some really organized and put together people, like to make those plans.  Right now.

For you amazing people, I present my Fall Schedule.  Take advantage.  or don't.  I still love you.

06 August 2015

We know.

As Moms, we know.  We know how to laugh about the insanity of our lives.  We know how to not take it personally that our teenagers don't have much time for us.  We know how important it is, to see our son in law make our daughter belly-laugh.

And we really, really know how important it is to get those family pictures done.  Even if it means bribery or threats, to get everyone's schedule cleared off on a Saturday night.  We know these kids aren't getting any younger (and neither are we!) and we know that right now, these family photos are cute.

In five years, they will be precious.

In twenty years, when our grandkids are staring at them and wondering how their mom was ever so young, they will be downright treasures.

Moms know.