15 April 2014

Gilbert Silos Family Pictures

Once in awhile, some really hard work pays off into something glorious.  Much like motherhood.  You work for days, months, years with very little payoff.  There are no quarterly reviews telling you how well  you're doing.  No yearly bonus that ties into how many goals you achieved that year.  Not even a customer base that provides feedback via social media.  (my feed would be filled with "nice job on the spaghetti Mom, but that green salad has got to go!")

But glorious moments still find a way to seep through.  When your son answers a question in Sunday School that proves he actually WAS listening for the last 11 years.  Or when your daughter comes to you with tears to admit she did take the last of the forbidden chocolate.  Or when your preschooler begs you to make the oatmeal because you do it the best.  There is some glory in those moments.

Those moments, and family pictures like these, can make the lack of annual bonus pretty much worth it.  As long as there's more chocolate.

02 April 2014

Senior Pictures in Gilbert, AZ

Most senior girls are not as simple as "natural" or "urban".  Most of them have a whole lot of both and a bunch in between.  That's why having multiple locations and wardrobe changes make senior pictures special and unique to the model.

We can show an edge downtown and then soften it up with sunlight and wind in the desert.  It's amazing what you can do when you're willing to mix it up a bit.