24 January 2014

Three Boys, One Tunnel. In Gilbert AZ

Mama contacted me about how it was time for new family pictures.  We did the usual, discussing styling and locations.  She happened to see a session I did last year, with four boys in a tunnel.  Then she proceeded to tell me about how she grew up in Canada and to get to her best friend's house, they had to walk through a pedestrian tunnel, and it became their favorite playplace.

Location, check!!  And she showed up with her own boys totally styled and looking great.  We had so much fun playing and capturing some fun moments.  Now Mom has even more fun tunnel memories to add to her collection!


20 January 2014

And She's Back!

I have photographed this sweet little girl every year since she was in diapers.  We have done her photos all over Gilbert and sometimes even in San Tan Valley.  Her Mom always dresses her so cute and her smile is always wide and infectious.  The best part is though, by the end she always takes my hand as we walk back towards the cars.  It makes me melt every time and it reminds me why I love family photography.  The connection. 

Thanks sweet Emma.  You made my day!

06 January 2014

Snap Happy Photography classes

Time to break out the camera and have some fun with it!!  The Snap Happy 101 class will cover all the basics that make photography fun!  In two hours we'll cover
  • lighting
  • composition
  • how to get the natural smiles, not the cheese
  • and even the best way to pose yourself for those family pictures
Saturday, Feb 1, 9:30-11:30 am, $45.  Space is limited.  Bring whatever camera you want and let's have some fun!!
Snap Happy 202 will take it one step further.  I call it "Take Pretty Pictures without the Ugly Flash".  Learn how to use Manual.  Learn how to get that pretty blurred background.  Learn how to tell your camera what to do, instead of the other way around. 
I'll explain it, I'll draw it out, I'll show you.  You'll ask questions and then we'll try out your newfound skills in three different lighting situations. 
Saturday, Feb 1, 1:00 to 4:00 pm, $70.  Space is very limited.  You need a DSLR with a Manual setting.  Canon preferred, if you have a Nikon, let me know ahead of time.
Lunch will be available for either class for an additional $10.  Will include lots of Q&A time, pick my brain about any photography questions you have.
Want to do it all?  Both classes and lunch?  Now that's a fun day!  Do it all for $100, save $25.  Bring a friend and you'll both receive a discount.