08 May 2015


I love a girl who glows.  And let's face it, it's almost impossible to get to that point throughout high school.  Too much change, in yourself and around you, all the time.  It's so hard to get to a point where you know yourself well enough to get good and comfortable and just, glow.

Sweet Hailey got there.  It's the end of her senior year and she's found herself.  She knows what she likes, she knows what she'd rather not be around, she knows she's strong and can do hard things.  She's not afraid to make eye contact with you, me, or anyone else because she knows she's got it.  That glow.  

06 May 2015

They Had Me At Suspenders

I am always very humbled when it works out that I get to photograph a large, extended family.  First, I know that everyone knows at least one great photographer so it's hard for everyone to settle on just one.  Then to get everyone in one place at one time pretty much requires an act of Congress.  Then get everyone in some clothes that actually look unified, and wait, cute?!  Now you're just talking crazy. 

But when it's all said and done, it's really a beautiful thing.  Because I've been in Grandma's house with my oldest son and watched him stare at that huge family photo and hear him ask, "That's me as a baby?!  And that's my cousin as a 2 year old?  Look how much hair Uncle Scott had!  And that's Uncle Brent before he went to heaven?"  And having that conversation in front of that picture, that is worth every ounce of endurance, patience, and investment.

Thank you, Butler Family.  So grateful I got to be a part of that big party of pictures.    

04 May 2015

No Joke

When do you meet an 18 year man-child with more self confidence than you?  How often does a senior in high school put you at ease, through his total chillness?  Not too often.

Dan's that kid, and I can only call him that for a few more days so I'll take advantage of it while I can.  He's that kid that laughs easily, at himself and at your corny jokes.  He's an accomplished musician, an Eagle scout, an awesome big brother, we could go on.

But we don't need to.  Because he wears it all out there, he's totally happy to be exactly who he is so the camera loves to capture it.

Meet Dan.  The world is a better place because we have kids like this.