14 November 2013

Family Pictures. For Real. {Gilbert AZ photography}

When you know a family well enough, when you know some of their struggles and triumphs, you know what a gift it can be to capture real moments. 

Real smiles and real, authentic laughs.  Real love that's grounded in shared memories and future. 

When you can get to that level of authenticity, it turns the photography into something amazing. 

I'm honored to have documented this real family.  Rachel, ya did good. 

13 November 2013

Fall Family Photos

When your family has the most fabulous skin tone ever, and eyes that make your jaw drop, you can dress in whatever colors you darn well want to.  Because anything, and I mean, anything will look amazing.  Blue, yellow, and grey.  So chic.  And the pop of pearls?  Well, we can just stop now.  :)

For more photos of this beautiful family, check out the gallery at Michelle Unscripted.  We photographed together on this one and she caught some amazing moments.




12 November 2013

Family Photo Magic "Click"

I'm not the best photographer in town.  Believe me, I am aware of that on many levels.  If you're wondering who is, I can give you a slew of names.  And I know I'm not the right photographer for every family.  And I'm quite aware that not every family here in Gilbert, AZ is the right client for me.

But once in awhile, everything just clicks.  Mom and I communicate well.  We pick just the right location together.  Her husband and kids show up excited and ready to have fun.  (well, Dad shows up with a smile on his face, really that's all I want.)  The light is right.  The colors are right.  The planets have aligned.  Mercury isn't in retrograde.  Wait, I went too far....  :)

And magic happens.  Like beautiful, awesome, memories made and documented, photo magic.  Photoshop can't put magic into photos, nor the best and most expensive cameras.  It takes the right mindset and the right "click".

We clicked.


06 November 2013

Family Pictures, Gilbert AZ

I can always count on this Mama to bring the chic-ness to any photo shoot.  She's an amazing hairdresser so she can trade services with any photographer in the East Valley.  And I'm always honored when I get my turn.  Her daughters are stunning, her husband is fun and easygoing, and hello?!  She's drop dead gorgeous. 

We tried out a fun new location for their family pictures, which happened to be blossoming in these cute little flowers.  All the better to show off three cute little girls.  Family pictures for Christmas?  Done and Done!!