23 March 2015

Bad Bluff

This Highland High senior was a kindred spirit.  On the surface we have almost nothing in common.  Completely different generation, different childhood, different taste in music.  I tried just about everything here, folks.

Then I realized in one way, he is just like me.  Every thought that crossed his mind, was displayed so clearly on his face.  And I know that pain.

Every time someone says something weird, as a functional adult I should be able to just move on through.  But no, my face has to broadcast to the world that I'm completely confused.  Thanks Face.

And every time a friend starts acting a fool, this is pretty much what goes right through my head...

And when someone cracks a joke that's not even slightly naughty but my twisted head can find that humor SO easy, EVERYONE knows exactly what Elena was thinking.  Again, thanks a lot Face.

It's dumb.  It's ridiculous.  And it's really really hard to go through life as the world's most transparent person.  And now I don't have to.  Because now I know this guy, he's got it worse than me.

18 March 2015

Bowties and Redheads

When I first met Matt (Dad), he was wearing a Viagra tie.  At church.  Which was mildly amusing but shock value doesn't go far with me.  Then I met his gorgeous red-headed wife and I thought, "I want her in front of my lens!"  Then we talked about their travels to Egypt, their life as young newlyweds in the middle of nowhere Vermont, and her passion for paddle boarding.  Really their passion for life.  For keeping it real.  As real as a 6 foot tall bald man riding a Vespa with a bowtie can be.  (for realz)

Almost three years later I found out, that while they were diligent in getting photos of their four gorgeous kids, Mom and Dad hadn't been in a family photo.  Ever.  Now they wanted the quintessential Family Photo, Sager style.  And I was the one for the job.  

No pressure.

Once I swallowed my nerves, we had an amazing time.  Those kids!  So smart, so chill, so unique and confident.  And Mom and Dad were brilliant at keeping the energy level up while remaining relaxed.  Such a good time!  And it shows in the final product.  

We captured the Sagers, just how they are right now.  For real.  

05 March 2015


A time comes for every creative person when they just get burnt.  And when that happens in the middle of a busy season, with paying clients, that's a recipe for disaster.  And why am I even telling you this??  You, my potential clients?!

Because it's part of my decision to get real.  And real in the middle of fall family picture season, is real burnt.  My creative side can just get fried and then I'm not doing anyone any good at all.  Not myself, not my family, and certainly not you, my clients!

The solution hit me like a brick wall.  Do the most fun photo shoot I could imagine.  With people I love.  But don't let them pay me so I get to tell them where and when and how to dress and what the theme is.  They loved it!  No decisions, just show up.  I loved it!  I could act like a crazy fool and it was so fun!

From start to finish, it took maybe 30 minutes.  The kids were into it the whole time, we laughed every 30 seconds, and even the teenagers had fun.  Hello?!

And it was just what I needed.  It was like nothing I usually do so it felt fun and fresh and totally without expectations.  The whole goal was to fall in love with photographing families again and I did!

Thank you Freedle Family!  You're my heroes!!