03 November 2011

Sunset in the Desert.

I was so excited to work with this Family from the first email I received. They have a favorite hiking area that they enjoy together as a family. Lucky for me, it looks uber cool in pictures! My assistant (and BFF) said it best after the shoot. "Not only did they capture their daughter at this really great age, they captured this place with all of their family memories." Now that's an awesome family photo. Danek Family 024 Danek Family 034 Danek Family 032 Danek Family 028 Danek Family 022 Danek Family 020 Danek Family 009 Danek Family 005 Danek Family 003 Danek Family 000

01 November 2011

Love this family.  They've been our friends through the highs and lows of our parenthood and careers.  What's ridiculous is they are as nice as they are goodlooking.  Should be illegal.  Really.  What chance do the rest of us stand?  :)

Hagerman Family 002 Hagerman Family 003 Hagerman Family 005 Hagerman Family 007 Hagerman Family 014 Hagerman Family 017 Hagerman Family 025 Hagerman Family 027 Hagerman Family 037