27 August 2010

Fix it Friday #68

Time for some edits for Fix It Friday for I Heart Faces. Here is the Before...

Here is my first After. I adjusted the white balance in Camera Raw. In PS I adjusted levels, exposure, color balance. Then cropped. I used MCP Touch of Light/ Touch of Dark to lighten her skin and eyes, and darken her hair accessory, her dress, and the foliage. Then ran PW's Boost to make sure I didn't deaden anything too much. Brought down the opacity a titch.
The quality isn't great on this, too much noise, but I did this one solely in Camera Raw. I like CR's vignette more than PW's quick edge burn because I can adjust the inner brightness easier. Also, in CR I can adjust the colors in B and W which allows the colors in the dress to deepend. I also adjusted the clarity to smooth the skin out.


  1. I really like what you did and I love how your cropped the b&w one!!

  2. I love the bw one. I mean they are both good but the crop really makes that edit!

  3. Love your edits! Your color is really pretty in the first one and the crop in the b&w is great!