04 November 2010

Them. Captured.

jones 187






First there was her.  Full of light and laughter and happiness.  She can laugh so hard, It’s silent.  That’s skill.










cute couple 




Then there was Them.  First date at 16.  True love still exists.  They wrote the book on True Love.














jones 148 



Then there was him.  Full of life, knowledge, music, emotion.  This is a deep kid.















jones 184





  Then there was her.  She started so teeny tiny.  Now she’s bigger than life.  So smart, so sassy.  So fun.












jones 113 Now don’t forget her.  Her eyes won’t let you.  Or her cheeks.  Or her grin.  Unforgettable.
















jones 004 






Put them all together and you get THIS!! 












  jones 102 newspaper





 Just kidding.  A little of that and a little of this, and you actually get…














jones 049


True love.  All over again.

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