14 March 2011

Pretty Little Baby A

How do you thank the woman who taught your son how to read? How do you thank the woman who loves him, teaches him, and pays attention to him 8 hours a day? While doing it for 26 other sweetums at the same time? Well, you try to show the same love and appreciation for her sweet bundle of joy.

Baby A is tiny. At barely 6 lbs, she is a full two pounds smaller than any of my children started at. I had never wrapped or held or sang to such a tiny pumpkin. She's got spunk though, I tell ya. She knew she was on the spot and she made sure her tiny belly was full and the room was sweating warm, before she was ready for her photo date. But darn if she wasn't worth the wait. And Mom and Dad get the prize for coolest prop EVER.

autumn rose 095 brush

autumn rose 013 try 2 brush

autumn rose 008 bw brush

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