02 April 2012

Chandler Senior Ms. B

This senior was such a wonderful surprise.  When I first showed up in her home, she was quiet and demure.  She had an amazing bedroom and while shooting there, I realized she was darn pretty and the camera liked her face a lot. 

Then we got to her first location, found some yummy light and BAM!  Girl turned it on.  She knew how to smile with her eyes, how to give me that angle I needed, she knew how to turn a photograph stunning.  I told her Mom, "I could stay here all night.  She's amazing."

By the time we reached the final location, I wasn't shocked anymore but it was still a blast.  She was willing to try all the goofy poses I threw at her until one stuck and made it gold.  Ms. B was a blast!  She's off to college in the fall and I am soooo glad I was the one picked to document this beautiful young woman!





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