30 October 2014

I remember the blur

I remember.  I remember leaving for the hospital to have my second, thinking I was leaving a baby boy at home.  I came home 3 days later, newborn in tow and realized "He's huge!  He's practically full grown!"

Jonah was 21 months when Marcus joined our family.  Jo became a Big Boy instantly.  And I became outnumbered.  How do you diaper two bums when one of them runs away?  How do you do anything when a toddler needs you just as much as the newborn?

So life became a blur.  I honestly don't remember much about the first two years of Marc's life.  And because that was before the age of cell phone cameras, there aren't too many photos around to help me remember.

I wish I remembered the little stuff.  Cuddling on the couch, playing trains, learning letters.  I know it happened but the memory, it's blurry.

So when Christy contacted me, 7 months along with baby #2, I knew how important this newborn photo shoot could be.  I knew this day at least, wouldn't be a blur.

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