09 February 2015

Learning Me

So I just came back from an amazing workshop with the awesome team of Wendy + Tyler of Blue Lily Photography.  Blog post to come.  But one of my biggest takeaways is that I have the MOST fun doing my job when I'm with clients that I love.  That's also when I produce my BEST work.  And it stands to reason that I will attract clients that I get along really well with, when they really know me BEFORE they book me.

I realized that communicating me and my style and my personality, through my marketing is pretty imperative, both to my quality of work and my enjoyment of this craft.  So priority 1 of the moment; which part of me am I going to share?  How honest am I going to get?  How much authenticity do my clients deserve?  I'm going to go with, a whole lots.

And this session is an excellent example of that.  Because this Mama and I were set up by mutual friends, it was easier to get real in a short amount of time.  And that resulted in one of my favorite sessions of the season.  Sure, the light was fabulous and her styling was on point.  But really it was the fact that Mama was happy to show me her real smile, her real self, and her whole family followed suit.

Real can be real beautiful.

And this Mama has just started a blog I think I'll actually read for awhile.  Check out http://treehousehistory.blogspot.com/ if you're into real.  

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