17 September 2015

Photographer Playtime

The BFF and I heard about a photography conference last January.  Three days in a condo by the ocean, with other fun photogs?  Yes please!!  Well our time was....interesting.  But we did meet some really great peeps.

One of my favorites was The Kelly Popejoy.  Not only do I just love saying her name but it became very clear, very quickly that she is just an awesome person.  Very genuine, very kind, smart, creative and all of that in a very different way than I'm used to.  Michelle said it best, "Hanging out with her makes me use my brain differently and I love it!"

Seriously, just check out her blog and IG feed.  It'll tweak your brain.  Especially the Instagram (@popejoys).  The way she captures architecture is the bomb.

So recently she rolled into town for like a minute, and we squeezed in all the fun we could.  And that morning I had a super fun idea.  Paige is one of my fabulous assistants, she's just amazing, like she seriously glows.  And I figured there was a good chance her buddies were the same way.

And they are!!  With one text, she rounded up 5 of the sweetest, prettiest girls I've ever met.  And Michelle and Popejoy and I just PLAYED.  It was fabulous.  Such a fun thing to do before the busy season hits.

Thank you Kelly, for getting my creativity flowing.  And thank you Paige, for being you.

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