19 October 2015


"You need to recalibrate".  This is what my friend Rachel told me when I described how out of control life was feeling.  It's a term that has stuck with me.  to recalibrate.  to re-balance.  to find center again.

I've learned if I do Sunday right, I can wake up Monday recalibrated.  I've learned if I take a moment to focus on others and not on my to do list, I feel a little more balanced.

And even though family pictures can feel like stress and torture to prepare for, if done correctly, it can be a time to remember what all of this craziness is for.  It forces you to focus on just you and them and your relationship for a bit.  And when you get the photographs back, you can see it even more clearly.

How much the baby has grown.  All of them.  How she's starting to smile like you.  How he's growing into a young man.  How he looks at you when he thinks he's gonna sneak a kiss.

It's all in focus, for just a second.  It won't stay that way, that's life.  So we find a way to recalibrate and find center again.  And again.

Family Pictures in Payson, AZ

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  1. I keep coming back to look at these over and over again. You have captured my heart in these photos!