07 January 2016

Forward Momentum

Every year, as December hits, I hit a creative brick wall. I feel a stagnation, you might say.  So I sign up to take a class in January, expand my skills and shake the dust off the old brain.  This year I felt ambitious and my January was looking decidedly calm, so I signed up for two.

Ha.  Ha Ha.  My January then quickly filled and I have an extra two commitments on my plate.  But you know what, I'm grateful.  I think I'm going to be forced to more strict with my creative time, I'm going to need to get a decent amount of sleep because my days will be full force.  And when January ends, I think I'll be better for it.

My first assignment in one of my classes, Forward Momentum taught by Posy Quarterman, is to review and cull my work from 2015.  Come up with a list of the work that brings me true joy, that moves me.  Some are included because the joy came from pride in my creation.  Some because the joy came from connection with my subject.  And some because they touched and helped me to grow in some way.  Eventually I will publish these in my own book via Artifact Uprising.

I heard a lot of chatter in my head during this process.  "That's not technically great."  "No one will get that."  "I don't think anyone else likes this photo."  "Is this even in focus?!"  :)

And it was a wonderful feeling to push past that chatter.  To recognize the joy and stand up for it, even if it doesn't make sense to anyone outside of my own soul.  This art is just for me.

A note about the last photograph:  It is the only personal/family photo included.  It is my grandfather, taken recently at his 100th birthday party.  It is not a "pretty" photo, but wow does it fill my soul with joy.

I know.  Isn't he amazing?!  Jack William Normington, my hero at 100 years new.


  1. I am glad you quelled the voices and showed your heart. For that is what is most evident to me through every images. The connection, the love, the people within your images. Not the scene, but the people. Your images have soul, Elena.

  2. Beautiful collection, Elena, and I feel honored that some of the pictures that bring me the most joy are ones that do the same for you. ❤️ Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with all of us!