10 January 2012

Baby B is here!!!

When the hubs and I were in college and moved into family student housing, we were told by numerous people "The friends you make here will be lifelong friends."  And it is so true.  When you live on top of each other (three stories of cinder block), scrimp to make rent every month, endure the torture of finals together again and again and again, pray for babies together, pray for strength together, those are people that will always, always be part of your life. 

Even though the Reynolds family lives hundreds of miles away, and has for years, I know we'll always be close.  I know they waited for years for the this miracle baby.  And I feel crazy blessed to be able to take his pictures.  What an amazing baby!  And what an awesome family.  Hope you like the pictures.  (an extra big sneak peek for you, since the disk has to be mailed a couple hundred miles.  :)



Reynolds Family 026 c

Reynolds Family039_1

Reynolds Family037_1

Reynolds Family034_1

Reynolds Family030_1

Reynolds Family024_1

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  1. That hair is amazing. So sweet. I adore the picture of him swaddled in the white blanket on the black backdrop. I keep scrolling back to gaze.