18 March 2014

Gilbert Temple Family Pictures

I love getting to photograph families year after year.  It's pretty awesome to watch four beautiful kids grow and learn, and it's super awesome to take Brand New Baby's first family photo.  That cutie is a wonderful addition to an already wonderful family.

And this was my first family photo shoot at the new LDS Gilbert Temple.  Such an amazing location to document family memories.  This was a sunrise shoot which got me there about 6:30 am to start planning.  Every other time I had been to the temple, there were literally hundreds of people on the grounds.  But that morning was calm and quiet. The peace was absolutely palpable.  I watched early morning walkers and joggers come onto the grounds, find a spot near the water feature and just feel the serenity.

The two oldest in this family were able to participate in the cultural celebration, a televised event of over 12,000 youth.  An experience they will never forget and it's easy to see that they feel this is their Temple.  Hence, the "Live True" signs.  :)

Thank you so much Rachel!  Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful time for your family!

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