17 March 2014

How about some cuteness?

A Mom of Four who knows it's time for a new family picture.  But also knows how much work it is to find the time, the photographer, the location, the clothes, is your head starting to ache?

Well, she's a neighbor so that was easy.  My location selection process helped to narrow that down.  And she had a skirt she loved, so that made wardrobe selection much easier.  When Mama loves her outfit, than really everything else is just icing on the cake.

Of course, we had clouds and wind and traffic.  But we also had the fabulous Michelle Unscripted helping out.  Mother Nature didn't stand a chance!  Especially when out pops four gorgeous, smiling kiddos.

They were so much fun and we captured some really great shots!  Such a fun family and that toddler is just TOO CUTE!

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