26 June 2014

Mother's Day gift - Shabang!

When a family hasn't had family pictures taken in well over 10 years, giving Mom the gift of family photographs is a freaking home run.  This husband and daughter knocked it out of the park.  I had worked with their daughter Ava on her senior pictures and we had a really great time.

And frankly, kudos to Mom for jumping on it and making it happen.  When it's not something we do regularly, scheduling the photo shoot, coordinating some decent looking clothes, picking a fun location, and even driving quite a ways to work with a photographer you like, it's all a big deal and a bit stressful.

But she made it happen.  And now this time in their lives is recorded.  Smiles and laughter and a memory made and documented.  There aren't too many Mother's Day gifts that can accomplish all that.

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