23 March 2015

Bad Bluff

This Highland High senior was a kindred spirit.  On the surface we have almost nothing in common.  Completely different generation, different childhood, different taste in music.  I tried just about everything here, folks.

Then I realized in one way, he is just like me.  Every thought that crossed his mind, was displayed so clearly on his face.  And I know that pain.

Every time someone says something weird, as a functional adult I should be able to just move on through.  But no, my face has to broadcast to the world that I'm completely confused.  Thanks Face.

And every time a friend starts acting a fool, this is pretty much what goes right through my head...

And when someone cracks a joke that's not even slightly naughty but my twisted head can find that humor SO easy, EVERYONE knows exactly what Elena was thinking.  Again, thanks a lot Face.

It's dumb.  It's ridiculous.  And it's really really hard to go through life as the world's most transparent person.  And now I don't have to.  Because now I know this guy, he's got it worse than me.

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