27 July 2011

Kaysen B - Gilbert HS Senior '12

Introducing my second Senior Model Rep, Kaysen B.  I've known him for a few years now but didn't realize he had great taste in ties, vintage taste in music, and crazy blue eyes.  He's right around six feet tall which meant I felt like I was the kid, not him. 

kaysen 3

kaysen 4

When we started his "Life at Home" pictures, his mother had one request.  "I want a picture of him taking out the garbage."  Weird, I thought but whatever.  Now that pic is one of my favorites.  It's a real slice of life and it was sooo sweet of him to do it for his Mom. 

I also was lucky and snapped a quick shot of his beautiful sister laughing.  Again, one of my favorites.  Sometimes magic happens, my friends. 

kaysen 2

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