23 July 2011

Senior Model Rep - Lexi F. - Campo Verde HS Senior '12

Introducing my very first Senior Model Rep for the Gilbert high schools: Campo Verde, Gilbert, Mesquite and Highland.  Lexi has a chance to win a $500 cash scholarship at the end of the year if she's referred the most clients.  And even if she doesn't win, she'll get a $25 gift card for each referral up to $200.  Sweet.  More info here

 I've known Lexi since she was 12.  We all knew she would grow up to be amazing.  And she is, pretty incredible.  The kind of kid that you think, "Wow, if she were my age, we would totally hang out."  She's smart as a whip, way more self-confident that I am, and totally chill.

What I didn't know was how photogenic she is!  She's got these incredible eyes that are blue and green and brown all at once.  And just a lovely smile.

But best of all, she's fearless.  Even when the rock she's sitting on is crawling with ants, she calmly waits for the click of the camera before beating them mercilessly with her cute shoe.  Yeah, she's that kind of girl.

Lexi bench

Lexi horizontal 2

Lexi 2

On all of my senior shoots this year, I am starting with some Time at Home, catching some on-the-fly photos of my seniors with their families. Lexi's turned out especially awesome.

lexi family

Lexi was brave, being my very first senior.  But her courage earned her this awesome photo shoot.  Thanks Lexi!! You're the bomb.

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