29 August 2011

A sneak peek for Bear

Nine years ago, I had my first baby.  A mere seven weeks later, I had to return to work full time and the Hubs started his first year of grad school.  Luckily, one of his beautiful sisters was a student on campus as well and she became my baby's third parent.  She loved him, rocked him, fed him, and read to him from her textbooks (taking full credit today on why he's so smart). 

That first semester we had to pay her with dinner.  The second semester we were able to pay her enough so she could quit her other job.  By the end of that school year, I knew I couldn't do it again and we took out enough in student loans so I could stay home with my baby.  But I will never forget the person who was willing to be Mommy when I couldn't be. 

Today, she's the Mommy of her own two sweet boys.  And I'll take some credit this time for her amazing ability to love and educate and be incredible, right from the word Go.  And I am so honored to be able to capture these sweet moments for her.  Love you Bear.  Hope you like the pictures.

Camden 1

Camden 2

Camden 3

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