27 August 2011


I wanted to try something new with my next Senior Model Rep, Jaime C.  I printed off some senior pictures of guys that looked super cool from some of my photog friends around the country.  We started throwing around words like, "just chill" and "swag".  I wasn't so sure about 'swag' but Jaime knew exactly what is was and gave me just what the camera needed for some super cool looks.  I got home, searched "Swag" on iTunes and confirmed my worst fear.  I'm old.  :)

But I'm cool with that as long as I have models like Jaime keeping me young.  Young like his Mom, who looks like his sister.  I'll be old if I can be old like that!

As one of my senior model reps, Jaime has the chance to earn a $25 gift card for each referral, and a $500 scholarship at the end of the school year for the most referrals.  Good luck Jaime!  Your photo shoot was crazy cool.  Or Da Bomb.  Or swag diggity.  Yeah, I'm cool.  :)

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