02 August 2011

Heaven Sent Him

I truly love taking photos for foster families.  This is Baby Boy.  You don't get to know his name, or even see his face.  His foster mom got a call when he was one day old, asking if he could come to her home.  And even though she already has a two year old she adopted, and a one year old foster child, she and her husband instantly said yes to sweet Baby Boy. 

I was just about to write about how special foster families are, because they love with the brightest hope that this baby is theirs for eternity, yet they know they might only have today.

Recent events have taught me that all of us, as parents, are in the same boat.  We love our babies with the hope and faith that we will have an eternity of tomorrows.  But isn't it true that we might only have today. 

And here is proof, that today sweet Baby Boy is eternally loved. 

Griffin baby 099 sepia

Griffin baby 109 sepia

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