14 August 2013

I hope....

About a year ago I wanted to put together a vintage photo shoot.  A little Jackie O and man friend.  I had my Jackie O, this stunning friend of ours.  But the man I had in mind went and got married and the idea sifted out of my brain.

At the beginning of this summer I heard that said stunning friend was leaving her life behind to serve her church for 18 months.  I knew I had to squeeze in a photo shoot before she left but it was so hot!!

Then I got hurt.  And priorities changed.  I could only afford to photograph, edit, and present that which I truly loved.  Even writing this post, I've had to stop twice to rest my eyes.  And a vintage, leaving-on-a-mission photo shoot was on the tip top of my list.

So we took two simple and meaningful props, went to the closest, private location with great light and whipped it out.  Two hours before the shoot yesterday, my doc called and wanted me to come in ASAP the next day for some serious tests.  I knew I had to shoot and completely finish editing because within 24 hours I might be down for awhile. 

The doc appointment is in two hours but the time has passed peacefully because I knew I was doing what I loved.  I've never had such an easy time editing and post-processing.  I know Heavenly Father was blessing me with peace and joy during a time of stress and anxiety. 

Kimee is going to go on to bless way more people and I couldn't be more proud of her grace and beauty.  She shines!!





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