07 August 2013


Today is New.  Today was the first time in four weeks that I got behind the wheel of my minivan with a child in the back.  Today I picked up my camera without shaking.  Today I smiled when I looked in the mirror, and saw my eyes.  Today is New.

Four weeks ago today I was distracted, instead of present.  I was "playing" with my daughter, which meant I was mindlessly holding one end of a exercise band so she could play with the other end.  Four weeks ago she walked 10 feet away and let go.  My right eye took the hit. 

Two eyes are quite useful in photography.  Not just in the actually seeing part, one eye can do that pretty well.  Its the depth, its the focus, its the small details that make a photograph memorable.  And those small details are darn near impossible without two stinking eyes!!

But life isn't fair and today is New.  And today my BFF and fellow photographer reminded me that looking past the unfairness, there are the blessings otherwise unfound.  What can you do with your art if you are forced to shoot only what will bring you joy, because you literally can't afford to use your eye for more than that?  How good will your in-camera technique become if your editing is whittled down to an hour a day?  How focused will your intent become when it is all you have, the excess crap thrown away?

Today is New.  And I shoot what I love.  I have no other choice.  But I do choose this. 


  1. so proud of you and i barely know your name. keep goin momma.

  2. oh my gosh that's almost exactly how Ephraim lost his eye as a child! I'm so SO glad that you are able to be you again and that surgery was successful!!!! Love your photographs!