26 September 2013

Natural Location Options {Gilbert AZ Photographer}

As we get cranked up and ready for the fall family photo season, it's time to get organized!  When my clients and I start talking location options, I first ask them to decide between "natural" and "urban". 

Many times this is dictated by the clothing choices they've already made (because who do we dress first?  altogether now:  MOM!).  If we're going with boots and scarves and fall colors, you better believe your photographs will look best in a natural setting.  If we've got motorcycle jackets, funky jewelry, and sunglasses, only urban will really work.  (been there, tried that.  The orchard just doesn't make leather and chrome look good, friends.)

So here's a round up of some of my favorite and best au natural photography locations here in Gilbert and the surrounding areas.

(If you're looking for the Urban choices, check them out here.)

This awesome orchard is totally green in the summer and dead in the winter.  Sometimes the leaves are still on the ground, sometimes not.  No fee but they do ask for a donation.

This beautiful spot with the young lady and the cute family below is the same location.  It's huge so there are lots of different options.  No fee.

This one with the little boy is a lovely little area but it needs the exact right light.  When you get it, it's just yummy.  No fee.

This location is absolutely amazing for family portraits, truly one of the best in the area.  There is a reasonable fee, which you can also pay by buying dinner at the local (super yummy) restaurant.  This family hauled in their own couch. 

This location is stunning, mostly in the Spring though when the yellow flowers are out.  It feels like a lush desert with a gorgeous stream, waterfall, and lake.  No fee.

This is a favorite of mine.  woodsy, and beautiful, near a river.  Both sunset and sunrise light are just stunning there.  Small fee.  So beautiful. 

This place is lovely but tiny.  Be prepared to jockey for a spot with other families.  It looks so out of the way but it's really close and easy to get to.  No fee.

And my very best photography spot for families is..... well, it deserves it's own post, right here



  1. Love the family that brought in their own couch for their session. How creative!

  2. Beautiful! Can you share where these are?