27 September 2013

Urban Location Options {Gilbert, AZ}

This is my counterpart to the Natural Locations post.  Those locations seem to be our default choice here in AZ.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we are just getting out of a long and hot summer during which we were stuck inside for months.  By the time Fall rolls around, all we want to do is hang out outside and enjoy nature.

But when you've done the pretty nature family photographs thing for a few years in a row, you're ready for something new.  Something modern and fresh and a little different.  That's when it's time to try some Urban family picture locations.

Many times the best part of the urban photography location is that you can get so many different looks in one small area. 

The senior boy above and the family below are in the same location.  In fact, just around the corner from each other.  But you'd never guess.  When variety is paramount (mostly senior photos) an urban location is just the ticket.

Sometimes all you need is a great wall.  It can be any solid color you want.  Or if your photographer is really tricky, it can even be a totally different material.  Hello brick!

One my favorite family photo locations, super popular as well.  But so many fun, modern looks in one spot.

Vintage meets modern.  One downtown location.  It can really make your family and their styling POP!

When modern for you is a mid-century look, this location can steal the show.  Love this spot for some fun family photography!

Using a single prop, an awesome fedora, as the inspiration for your family pictures is an excellent idea!  It can lead you to such a fun and memorable location.
So what do you think?  Which location will it be for your family pictures this year?


  1. Great post! Love the locations in these sessions! I'm in the PNW, all most everyone wants fields, barns, etc. I hardly ever shoot Urban! This makes me want to though!

  2. I love urban shoots! So many possibilities in one location that all your sessions can be unique. :)