12 June 2013

F Family Story - Lifestyle Family Photography

They fell in love in CA and had a beautiful baby girl.  Work brought them to Gilbert, AZ and a new baby boy was on his way.  Their maternity photoshoot is here and soon hopefully I'll post their newborn shoot. 

Life with two young kids and a busy, entrepreneur for a husband is really not all kicks and giggles.  I knew that firsthand from when my two boys were only 21 months apart and I had moved to a new city with almost no support system and a hubby working 80 hours a week. 

That time that should be so precious is really just a blur.  You go from naptime to bedtime and back again, just trying to find peace in the moment.  And Mama found that her joy was using photography to stop time for a minute.  Her home is covered in amazing pictures, from their wedding and the girl's birth to now.

Baby Drew has turned one and is an incredible part of their family story.  He's happy and strong and so smart.  I can't wait to see how their story develops.

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