17 June 2013

The W Family

I remember the day, many years ago.  We had just moved into our first home, surrounded by boxes and crazy toddler boys.  She knocked on the door and with her was this tall drink of water we had only met a couple times before. 

But she couldn't stop smiling so we knew something was up.  A pretty ring on her finger made it official.  The Hubs' baby sister was getting married. 

I remember I made a fool out of myself (are we surprised?)  Right before the wedding began, I saw Tall Drink of Water in the audience with us and I questioned him sarcastically, why wasn't he getting ready with his Bride?  Turns out TDW is an identical twin and I was grilling the twin.  Awesome.  :)

They have been through a lot together already, earning degrees, finding vocations, working second together.  And having beautiful babies, of course.  Their girls are stunning, which means the next baby will make me swoon.  And I can't wait!

This is the W Family.  And a little bit of their story.  I'm so grateful I was able to capture it. 

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  1. That is awesome! Great story and FABULOUS pictures!