24 June 2013

Hartley Family Photographs

A not so long time ago, a beautiful maiden met her match in a faraway kingdom called Idaho. While her family long maintained that no one would be good enough for this fair maiden, the dashing knight somehow convinced them that he was worthy of her brains, her smiles, and even her love. Which, of course, brought us to this....

And you can only go for so long with all of that, and you end up with a little of this....

Enter grad school, finals, homework, internship interviews, and oh yeah, a brand new baby. Throw in some adjustment to life as a stay at home mom in the dead of winter, minus a husband who's just grinding away at that degree. Luckily summer time always comes in this kingdom. And with it, a completion of coursework and an easy summer waiting for that final internship to start.

A family has begun. They've passed trials already and are stronger and more resilient because of it. Soon, the fair maiden and her knight will look back and think "We were so young! We had no idea what we were doing!" Yet, they will be proud of all they've accomplished together and the incredible family they have created.

And so it begins; Their Story.

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