20 June 2013

The M Family - Mesa Family Photography

Three boys came, boom, boom, BOOM.  (That's Briggie Joe, there's nothing mild about that boy).  Smart as a whip, all of them.  I've known Mom since she was 19.  She always wanted to be a mother and we all knew she would be amazing.  And somehow with every baby boy, her Supermom powers grew. 

She got more organized, not more frenzied like the rest of us.  I watched her grow into herself, settled and centered and really dang successful raising boys.  I'm sure it had a lot to do with Dad.  I went on a double date with them, a month or two before he proposed.  I had never seen Mama smile like that.  She might have glowed just a little. 

The Hubs and I looked at each other with eyes wide and watched as she laughed and teased and just smiled.  True love can do that kind of thing.  But after three boys, you could tell she really, really wanted that baby girl.

Baby Girl 1 came exactly how Mama wanted, calm and sweet and LOVING everything girlie.  The more pink and bling, the better!  And then to top off the clan, Baby Girl 2.  A little spit fire just like her brothers, maybe even with a little more fire.  That girl is giving Mama a run for her money. 

And it is so fun to watch!!  You can't be gorgeous, organized, calm, AND have 5 angel kids.  SOMEONE's gotta make you sweat!  :)

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