03 October 2013

The Best Beauty Tips for the Best Family Pictures {Gilbert, AZ Photography}

So excited to announce my fabulous guest bloggers today!!  Courtney and Hillary from the Beauty Mark Girls, based here in Mesa AZ, are here to give us the lowdown on how to look chic and fab for our awesome family photos this year.
Fact:  We all want to have amazing family photographs on the wall that make us smile every time we look at them.  This is achievable!!  But that smile ain't gonna happen if we don't make the time to look and feel beautiful the day of the photo shoot.  That's a challenge when we're the only one that's able to make our kiddos and hubbies cute too.  So how do we make it happen?  With some help from the experts, of course!
So here's a little Q&A with the Beauty Mark Girls on how to make the most of our family pictures prep time.
Q: What is the most important beauty step a Mom should take for family  pictures?
A:  Being prepared. Have everything laid out and start getting ready in  advance. Get yourself ready before the kids. If Mama is in a bad mood, no one is in a good mood! (from Elena:  I suggest hiring a babysitter/friend to get those kiddoes all spiffied up while you take your time getting yourself ready.  They'll probably do the girls' hair cuter than you would anyway.  :)

Q:  Pinterest holds conflicting information. Should makeup be stronger for photos (with a digital camera) or more mild?
A:  I always think that when you do makeup for pictures it should be  stronger than usual. That said, it doesn't necessarily need to be MORE  makeup. Just stronger colors. Focus on doing more on your cheeks and  lips. Peachy-pink is a universally flattering shade that looks great in  pictures.

Q:  Is there a common mistake that you see Moms committing in their family photos?
A:  Being too matchy-matchy in photos is a no-no. Also, choose styles that represent your family. Now is not a time to try something super trendy or out of the box. Also, focus just as much attention on YOUR outfit as your family's!! Pick your outfit first and everyone else's after. You don't want to be stuck with nothing to wear.  (E:  Amen Sista!  Preach on!)

Q:  What products do you recommend to keep my hair from going completely flat before I even get the photo shoot?
A:  First, you need a good blowout using a round brush for volume. Texturizing/mattifying powder  in the roots with a little bit of tease will prolong the volume.

Q:  Can you recommend any tutorials that can help me practice my look beforehand? Good hairstyles or highlighting and contouring makeup application?
A:  On our blog we have several videos that will help you achieve classic
but fun looks! (

Q:  How do you get lipstick to stay on for awhile?
A:  For lipstick to stay better use a more matte formula and don't use

Q:  Can you recommend a good concealer for red blemishes?
A:  I like MAC Studio Finish concealer. It has great coverage while still being creamy and blendable.

Q:  When to use/not use fake eyelashes?
A:  I always recommend fake lashes for pictures. They will make your eyes look big and bright!!

Q:  How can I get my entire family looking cute, while getting myself to look pretty enough for a photograph that will hang on the wall for a long time?
A:  PREPARE everything in advance! Put yourself as the priority. If you don't like how you look in pictures ,you will never be happy with them on  the wall. Lay out clothes, accessories and anything else you will need to get ready for pictures. (Pack snacks and drinks for the kids and candy for bribery if needed!)

Q:  What would it cost (ballpark) to utilize a professional's service, makeup, hair, and/or styling, so that I just don't have to worry about it?
A:  To hire The Beauty Mark girls to beautify for family pictures it is $50 for hair and $50 for makeup (plus $5 for fake lashes). We can also style and pick out the outfits for your family for a fee based on family size. We know how overwhelming family pictures can be and we love to help make the day a little bit more stress free! If mama feels her best, her family will follow suit!
That's what I'm talking about!  Aren't they fabulous?  Hopefully these tips help make your family pictures go even smoother.  If you're going to make the investment into custom family photography, it's worth it to do it right.  The right photographer, the right styling, the right location.  If you're gonna do it, kill it.  Am I right?!
If you're interested in utilizing their services, contact the Beauty Mark girls at hello@thebeautymarkgirls.com
If you haven't scheduled your family photographs for the fall yet, hello?!  Email me at ejtcat@hotmail.com, like pronto. 


  1. Awesome tips ladies! I think as moms we often neglect ourselves too much. I highly recommend hiring a professional so you look and feel your best on portrait day!

  2. Fantastic advice and beautiful ladies! Will be sharing this advice with my own clients!!