31 October 2013

Family Pictures in the Desert

This is a family I love to photograph.  When I first met Jay Danek and his family, he was just getting started in the ultra-running world.  Coincidentally, my book club was reading "Born to Run", one of the most fun reads in the running genre.  I realized if these men can run 50 and 100 miles at a time, I could get off my duff and run a 5k.  So I did.

Two years later, I'm training for the Phoenix Marathon, 1/2, and Jay has written his own book about his incredible journey.  You can find it here.  And of course, it's time for new family pictures.  They picked another awesome location that's not only stunning but it has emotional value to their family as well (read the book). 

That's the best, when you can document your beautiful family in a beautiful spot that really means something to you.  Where will we photograph your family?