10 October 2013

Part 3: Best Family Pictures of 2012 {Gilbert AZ photography}

Third times the charm!  You excited for the holidays yet?  My kids love to run to the mailbox, come December.  They take turns opening the mail and love seeing the photos of the families, even ones they don't know or recognize.  There's something about families, taking the time to document their life.  I think it really communicates to our kids:  you're valued, you're special, I want to show you off to the world, how awesome you are!

This family photo session was done right here in Gilbert at one of my favorite natural locations.  The light is gorgeous and the greenery is always lush.  The perfect frame to four beautiful young women, and their awesome parents who adore them.





  1. I love seeing all the photos on the holiday cards as well! I always hate to take them down in January.

  2. You have an amazing eye! I am so glad you are in this field, you are truly successful and seem very happy. These pictures are amazing.