15 October 2013

Part 4: Best Family Photos of 2012 {Gilbert, AZ photography}

Time to wrap it up, kids.  Imagine you're a family photographer here in Gilbert, AZ.  And you get a phone call in the thick of the holiday season.  A family needs their photos done, All seven of them.  4 boys.  2 of them twins.  Will you squeeze them in?

When it's the Olson family, you can be darn sure I'm squeezing them in.  She's pretty much one of the kindest women I know.  They're raising an incredible family, I've worked with their boys in the Boy Scout program and it's just ridiculous how great they are. 

We basically just ran around and played for an hour and my camera happened to capture it.  So much fun and such a excellent way to kick off the Family Photo Season for 2013!!

Take it away Olsons!

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